Young Women’s Flights

To see a list of the current pilgrims/caterpillars and team members and to participate in the Northern Lights Prayer Vigils click here

The Young Ladies’ Flight is January 18-20, 2020.

Flight held at Lebanon UMC – 122 E Silver St, Lebanon, OH 45036

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Northern Lights Emmaus Prayer Vigils

Thanks to all for their participation on the Flight January 19-21, 2019.  Please continue to pray for our butterflies.

Pray for 2019 Butterflies:
Abby L, Allison H, Allie R, Autumn K, Karla N, Kirsten D, Emma D, Paige R, Grace J, Sophia R, Maddie B, (Bella M)

Thank you 2019 Team:
Kim Hollon, Linda Townsend, Lisa Mullins, Sara M, Jeri Baker, Maggie Trumbull, Penny Stacy, Joel Harbarger, Valerie McCann, Heather Haines, Lesley W, Zoe U, Lisa James, Jenny Harris, Lynne Martini, Bev Hicks, Sonya Fischesser, Zoe C, DJ W, Hannah W, Erin L, Sadie F, Anna M, Lelia Brandt, Melanie Wages, Beth W, Liz McCollum, Karen Doerflein, Olivia S, Marie M, Teri Morr, Tara Yunker, Ryanne M, Lizzy H